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ALLEN DANZIGER with the first working WeedHacker.  It cuts!!!


A great four weeks of filming and now we're in post production!  Follow us on Facebook, IG, and TikTok. 



The cast and crew are hired and everyone's excited for Day 1 of filming.  New additions are singer Britton Buchanan, "Cannibal Comedian" director Sean Haitz, and Ilona Neider.  


We had our first table read!  So great to get the actors in the same room.  Rehearsals are in January; we film in March 2024!  

10/22/23   Big news as we finished filming the Official Trailer.   You won't believe the prizes you can still get, including some special items and even a prop from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre II.  

If you haven't followed us on Tik Tok, IG or FB, a certain Pokerface guy will visit you.  You'll see him in the trailer played by actor SEAN REYNA.   6'5" and very scary.  Without the mask? 

Horror Fav PARRISH RANDALL has joined the cast as "Digger Gunter."  Digger's one of the masterminds of the Red Eye, TX murders and while not the brightest bulb, he loves  doing others in. 


RED EYE, Texas  is the town where it all happens.  It's the former illegal weed capital of the state and 10 years ago, the host of the Earth Wind (no Fire) Fest.  Fest organizer Mr.Tufnel ran off with all the town's cash and the magical Gunter Ganja seeds, the key to the town's prosperity.  

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